Inversion Therapy FAQ & Guide


There are a few things that you should know when it comes to Inversion Therapy. You should know the risk and the benefits. Starting with the benefits; it helps relieve back pain, ease stress, build core strength, improve fitness, improve joint health and increase flexibility.

The most common use of Inversion Therapy is back pain. With so many people having problems with their back, it is natural for them to look for other treatment options than pain killers. Although, it is not common, inversion therapy is highly recommended.

Inversion started in the times of Egypt. It not only has great benefits but comes with a few risk as well. Risk for those that are pregnant or may become pregnant. Risk for those with high blood pressure, heart problems and glaucoma (rise in pressure in the eyes).

Other than serious health problems that one may have, there are few negative side effects that come from being on or using an inversion table. Making inversion therapy one of the safest choices in treatment for people all worldwide.

An inversion table is is padded and connected to a metal frame with hinges, making it easy for it to turn you from an upright position to an inverted position. They also have inversion chairs, and you should take a look at a comparison of them vs. the table style if you are apprehensive of hanging upside down because of joint problems, hypertension or other factors, but I digress, so let’s get back to the information at hand.

You first strap yourself in and then slowly turn your body into an inversion position. Leaving your body inverted for only a few minutes. No more than 2 minutes are needed in order for your body to unload the pressure on your bones, joints and discs.

Once you have been inverted for about 45 seconds to 2 minutes, slowly pull yourself to up to where your body is completely horizontal. Stay in that position long enough to let your blood flow back to the rest of your body. Then turn yourself back upright and unstrap yourself.

You should feel so much better! It only takes me a few seconds, and the pain just seems to fade away. Now, beware of the cheaper models on the market today, so check up on ratings for the ones you’re interested in before spending good money on one that is not stable or uncomfortable to use. Everyone is different in preferences, but you don’t want a dangerous inversion table or chair that could make matters much worse.

Take your time, do your research and you should be good to go.

Take care until we talk again.

The Best LED Red Light Therapy for Home Use?

When it comes to LED Red Light Therapy, everyone is asking the same big questions. Can LED red light therapy be done from home and what is the best LED red light therapy for the home use, and lastly, does it really work or is it a scam?

The answer to the first question, yes. LED light therapy can be conducted at home. The second question, there are many different kinds of red light therapy that you can use from your home. There are many advantages to using this therapy, so keep reading, you may be surprised by what you learn.

Figuring out what is best to use from your home depends on you, your schedule, and the amount of room you have in your home for the usage of the light therapy.

Most people use hand held LED light therapy lamps in their homes. This makes it easier to use and easier to store for most people. It is also easier for the ones that travel often as it is easy to tuck away into a bag for safe keeping and traveling.

Although most people use hand-held ones, there are some that sit on a desk, dresser, or counter so that you do not have to hold it while the treatment is being conducted. These tend to be easy to use as well as your hands to not get tired while trying to hold it up for the amount of time that you wish to do the LED light therapy.

Sunflower University Press describes it best when it comes to home use of the LED light therapy. How much you are suppose to do in a day and if a bigger light makes any difference.

The bigger the light does not always mean the faster you will see progress.

Why You Will Love Your Vaporizer


You may be considering picking up a vaporizer. You have probably spent a long time working with traditional tobacco products such as cigarettes. You may have done your research and looked up the top rated vaporizers on the market. The vaping experience is extremely different from the tobacco experience and you are sure to love it. Instead of a thick, nasty smoke that stains your teeth and ruins your breath you get a full flavored vapor that is satisfying and takes away the unwanted effects of tar since there is no tar in the oils or herbs that you are using.

Another thing that you will love when you buy vapor cigarettes is the wonderful feeling of never having to locate your lighter or ash tray ever again. In fact you can go ahead and throw away your ash tray altogether. While it is true that you have to clean a vaporizer of the leftover oils and herbs from previous vaping sessions there is far less mess involved than if you were to spill a pile of cigarette ashes from your ash tray.

Another thing that you will love about vaporizers is the fact that you can vape while on the go with a portable vaporizer. A portable vaporizer brings the convenience that you desire without the hassle of having to keep up with your lighter or pack. Instead you just need to keep up with the vaporizer itself. This level of convenience is a huge step up from smoking cigarettes and you will find that you actually save time as you use your vaporizer.

Choosing Your Vaporizer

 If you have decided to make the switch to vaporizers you are probably unsure of just what vaporizer you want to start using. After all there is a very large number of vaporizers and water vapor cigarettes on the market to be tried and unless your last name is Zuckerberg, Branson, or Buffet you probably aren’t able to sample them all. This means that you have to narrow down your options to ones that suit your needs. Here’s how to do just that.

One of the first things you need to is look up vaporizer review sites. You want to find reviews for the top rated vaporizers on the market and see which ones could potentially suit your needs. This is the best way to narrow down your potential vaporizer list to a few good options. You should also keep in mind what people online have to say about the vaporizers that you are considering.

After you have narrowed down your options based on reviews you want to look into the prices of the various vaporizers. You want to pick a vaporizer that isn’t going to break the bank and gives you flexibility with concentrates, dry herbs and maybe an e cig combined? Then check this beauty out. There is a multitude of vaporizers on the market that are high performance as well as affordable so you will likely not have to compromise too much when you finally pick a vaporizer.

Finally you need to assess your needs based on your lifestyle. While a desktop vaporizer is certainly a high performer it may be an excessive purchase if you are the kind of person who is normally out and about and away from home. If you are the kind of person always on the move then you definitely want to purchase a portable vaporizer. However if you are the kind of person who stays at home often then you should be just fine making the extra investment in a desktop vaporizer.

The Difference Between Vaping and Smoking

If you are a smoker who is curious about vaporizers then you may have a million questions about them. Those questions, when you boil them all down are most likely along the lines of “What’s the difference between vaping and smoking?” It’s understandable how one could look at vaping and see some similarities to smoking. After all, the vapor does look a lot like cigarette smoke. However that is where the comparisons come to an abrupt end. Here are the real differences between smoking and vaping and why vaping is definitely better.

One of the most important things that makes vaping different from smoking is the way in which you enjoy the herbs. With smoking you are lighting your tobacco on fire and inhaling the nasty tasting, tar filled smoke. When you use a vaporizer you are heating up your herbs, but never burning them. This creates a full flavored vapor that has no tar and preserves the true flavor of the herbs. This means that you are almost guaranteed a more enjoyable experience.

Another thing that makes vaping different from smoking is the lack of need of a lighter and ash tray. It may seem like a small difference but not having to keep up with a lighter, which can be easily lost, is a weight taken off of the user’s shoulders. Taking away the constant present of cigarette ashes and butts means that you can have a far cleaner and more enjoyable experience than you ever had with cigarettes.

You can find them locally pretty much everywhere now and you can find your perfect vape at any local shop like this vape shop Colorado Springs.

The fact is that vaporizers offer up a far cleaner, far more satisfying experience than cigarettes ever could. With full flavor and lack of constant clean up you have everything that you enjoyed about smoking and absolutely none of the things you hated about it.